Race for Rescues

Join us on September 08, 2018!

There are Multiple runs/walks of varying fitness levels for you and your pup. Don't miss this fun event! It's the only timed race to support shelters and rescue groups!!
We are counting on you, whether you are a seasoned athlete or a couch potato to make this a success.

Each entered runner benefits the Rescue Train and their shelter intervention programs. Each of the runners/walkers pledges and sponsorships benefit ALL the participating shelters and rescue groups (75% of what our So Cal Pom Rescue Team raises in pledges and sponsorships goes directly to our dogs and 25% goes to Race for the Rescues participating shelters and rescue groups)! We need to share far and wide for runners and pledges to sponsor them.

To join and start getting sponsors please click here.

We know the homes are out there but we need well funded organizations to care for these animals during their transition and journey. Together we can do this.
We are grateful as always for your support.

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