Foster a Pomeranian

Fostering is a Great Way to Help Poms without a Financial or Long Term Commitment from You.

Fostering is a great alternative for families who are unsure of how long they can care for a new pet. It usually entails a family/person to care for the day-to-day needs of an animal.  This means your foster dog's food, bedding, leash, collar, ID tag and other reasonable needs approved by the rescue. Reimbursements will be made for approved items with a valid reciept. We also appreciate the donation of these items if you are able.

Our fosters are pre-screened to care for Pomeranian's before a pom is placed with them. This includes the processing of a fostering application and a home inspection and under certain circumstances things can be expedited. 

"Do not buy from that pet store in the mall. The puppies may be adorable, but they're most likely the products of puppy mills, born to over-bred and abused mothers who are often discarded when they can no longer produce litters. Remember: You don't know where they came from, and you don't know what genetic weaknesses they have. And by supporting those stores, you're helping perpetuate a legacy of animal abuse." - CESAR MILAN

We have various types of Pomeranian's that need loving care. These include dogs in Kill shelters needing fosters, special needs dogs, and hard to handle dogs. Dogs with special needs and hard to handle dogs will only be placed with experienced foster parents. Contact us to find out if we have a dog fit for you and/or your family's lifestyle to foster! 

By now you can see that we are always in need of the generosity of foster homes. The application form gathers information about you and your home environment. This information is not used in anyway against you during the fostering/adoption process nor is your private information sold. Period.  We simply use this information to assist in helping find a suitable foster for your home and living situation.


1) Foster parents get first dibs for adoption as well as the option of a payment plan!

2) Foster parents are given all supplies needed to care for their foster dog if needed.

3) Foster parents receive support and advice when needed.



1) Provide a temporary, safe and loving home ranging anywhere from a few days to several months as we find the perfect home for the animal.

2) You are asked to attend adoption events.

3) Help break bad habits using positive re-enforcement as well as train those with minimal or no training at all to help place them in a loving home.

4) To be available within 48hrs notice to show a dog to a potential adopter. Meeting place can be elsewhere if you're not comfortable showing at your home.

5) Are open to home inspection while fostering.

6) To take to a designated vet for on-going medical treatment like vaccinations, dental or other medical needs if a transporter is not available.

7) Notify SCPR immediately in the event the dog is sick or lost.

If this is something you can completely abide and agree with, we'd love to hear from you. Please fill out our Foster Application at: an adoption event or send via email to SCPR at the address below. Once we receive your application we will contact you to arrange for a suitable foster for you to care for.  Thank you again for your generosity.



You can also Click Here to get our on-line application.

COPY N PASTE this form onto a new email or Word Document.


Subject Line: IP on _________ (name of dog(s)

MAIL to: 14252 Culver Dr. Suite A-281, Irvine, CA 92604


SCPR Dog Desired:________________________________


Name of Applicant:_____________________________________________ Age: ______


Spouse/Significant Other:_______________________________________

Age: ______


Home Address/City/Zip:

Home:[    ]______________ Work:[    ]_______________

Moblie:[    ]________________


Names & Ages of Children, If Any:___________________________________________

If you have children, please describe their previous experience with dogs:


Any Other Occupants in


Does Anyone In Your Household Have Allergies? Y___ N___


Type of Dwelling: House_____ Condo____ Apt._____ Other_____

Do You Own?___ Rent?____If renting, do you have permission from landlord

to have a dog?

If yes, your Landlords Name & Phone [___] ___________________________

Please list pets you have owned since you have been an adult:

Animal Length of Ownership and What Happened?

Are Your Current Pets Spayed/Neutered Y___ N___

Do You Walk Your Dog   On a Leash_____     Off a Leash_____

What Are Your Primary Reasons for Wanting a Dog? A Companion for

You____, your Children___,  or other Pet___   A Watchdog__  Gift__


Other Pets (Number, Sex & Age of Each)





Is There Anybody Home During The Day?   Who?_____________________

 When Will The Dog Be Inside?_________________ Outside?_____________

 How Many Hours Per Day Will the Dog Be Left Alone?_____ Where?______________________


Where Will the Dog Sleep at Night? Dog house___ Garage___ Laundry

Room___ Kitchen__Master Bedroom___ Child’s Room___ Bathroom___

Other___  Explain___________________________________

 What Rooms Are Off Limits to the Dog?_______________________________________

 What Outside Areas are Available to the Dog?  Fenced Yard___ Enclosed

Patio/Balcony___ Garage___ Dog House___ Unfenced Common Area____


 Do You Have a Doggie Door? Y__ N___

 Type of Fencing? Chain link____ Wood _____ Block wall____


Height of Fence: Highest Point_____ Lowest Point_____

 Are Their Gates? _____ How Many? ______ How High?_________

Have you recently inspected your fence and is it secure, without holes, gaps, or low points? Y___N___. If NO, and your application is accepted, do you agree to thoroughly inspect your fence and make any necessary repairs before the home visit? Y___ N___


Is There Any Type of Lock On the Gate[s]?   Padlock__ Key__ Latch__ Other_______________


Do You Have a Pool?_____    If yes, is there a secure fence around it?____

Who Has Access to Your Yard?   Gardner__ Pool-man__ Housekeeper__ Utility__ Neighbor__


Preferred Level of Exercise with Dog?   Couch potato__ Short walks__ Vigorous walk__  Hike/jog__


What Kind of Food Will You Feed the Dog? Include Brand Name(s): ________________________________________________________________


How Would You Discipline Your Dog if He or She Misbehaved?


 How Would You Train This Dog? Obedience Class___Hit with Newspaper___ Firm verbal Command____ Clicker/Hand Signals_____ Other__________________________________


How Do You Walk Your Dog?  On leash?___ Off leash?____


Which of the Following Reasons Might Prompt You to Give Up Your Dog?

Excessive Barking___Biting___ Digging___ Moving___ Divorce___ Poor Watchdog___ Shedding___Destructive Chewing____Financial problems___ Accidents Indoors___ Growling at Guests___Excessive Vet Bills___ Allergies____ New Spouse/Partner Doesn’t Like Dogs___ Aggressive on Leash___Illness____ None of the Above___


How Did You Find Out About Our Adoption Program?


Why Are You Interested in Adopting From A Rescue?



   ~~~~V~~~~V~~~~ SCPR CONTRACT FOR ADOPTION~~~~V~~~~V~~~~V~~~




I understand that a home visit is required prior to final placement _____ [Initial]


I understand that a home visit does not guarantee placement _____ [Initial]


I agree to provide my own collar, leash, choke chain or harness, and personal ID at the time of completing the adoption contract _____ [Initial]


I can___ cannot___ make a donation of at least $250.00 for the dog/cat to help cover costs of pet we are adopting, anything over that amount will help with medical care, spay and neuter, board and place other abandoned dogs. Inability to make a donation does not disqualify an applicant from consideration. I understand that any donation or contribution is a gift freely given, not a purchase price for a dog ______ [Initial]


I understand that my donation is non-refundable_____ [Initial]


This questionnaire becomes part of our contract_____ [Initial]



YOUR SIGNATURE:_____________________________________________       DATE:________________



_______________  [INITIALS OF ADOPTER ] ____________  [INITIALS OF RESCUER]




I, _____________________________, SCPR Representative reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant for any reason.

Please contact us for more information, and if you are ready to foster, please contact us at

A Foster Dog Poem 
 A poem to my foster dog I am the bridge Between what was and what can be. I am the pathway to a new life.
I am made of mush, Because my heart melted when I saw you, Matted and sore, limping, depressed, Lonely, unwanted, afraid to love.
For one little time you are mine. I will feed you with my own hand I will love you with my whole heart I will make you whole.
I am made of steel. Because when the time comes, When you are well, and sleek, When your eyes shine, And your tail wags with joy Then comes the hard part. I will let you go--not without a tear, But without a regret. For you are safe forever-- A new dog needs me now.

by Diane Morgan 

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