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Meet Rascal and his twin sister Paisley.
Both are 8yrs and 7lbs, potty trained and leash trained and just plain adorable! They are still getting acclamated and we will update as we get to know them more. They will be adopted as a pair.

Meet Mochi, 4-5 yr. 7lb Pomeranian female and Chewy, 6yr, 25lb male

Lhasa Apso mix

This darling unlikely pair were relinquished by their family. When SCPR volunteers heard of this very moving story (see video: https://www.facebook.com/hani.duran/videos/10212700574174423/ ) we could not help but come together and figure out a plan.

Mochi is a blind Pomeranian who was originally found tied up to a pole.She was taken in by a family who we guess had Chewy. Chewy became very protective of her and ended up acting as her guide dog. Even though Chewy is quite a bit larger, he gently will nudge Mochi and help her navigate. Now, they both are on a journey to find a loving home.

 The first few nights were difficult with Chewy. He resorted to fear biting and non-stop howling and barking. We are happy to say that he has settled down and seems to be responding to the kindness we are showing him. Mochi has been and remains very reserved and unsure of everything. We know this is very scary for them and we will continue to work with them and see what type of personalities they have and will update once we know more. For now, they are on the road to emotional healing. 

For them, Life will begin when fear ends ~

A special thank you to Hani Del Rosario Duran for letting people know about this situation and helping to r

escue them.

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