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Meet Snapple (male adult Pom )who was rescued from Santa Barbara County Animal Services
This guy had been "free roaming" after unkind humans reportedly "gave him away" and he kept returning to them. They say he is "free roaming" and does not belong to them anymore, nor do they care for him. He had been hanging around his former home, and sleeping in a field. Apparently, these unkind humans also have another dog, which was found tied up with shoestrings in the yard. Animals Services allowed them to keep the tied up dog, and took the Pom, deeming him "aggressive" due to him trying to bite when they attempted to catch him in the field with a "catch-pole." He was set for euthanasia due to this.
One of our Santa Barbara volunteers we work closely with, assessed him a couple of days ago at the pound, and he was scared. She sat in his kennel, and in just a few minutes he jumped into her lap and started licking her hand. Despite this dog being terribly neglected and scared to death, he responded kindly when given the chance.
Since he was set for euthanasia, She decided to pull him....

Interested? INTERESTED in adopting ? Submit your Adoption Form to socalpomrescue@coapc.com

Oreo, 4 yrs 9lbs PENDING ADOPTION 5/11/2107
Oreo came to us with his mom and brother. His owner was no longer able to care for him. Oreo is a sweet Pom who likes to have fun. He would need a family whio is patient and willing to work with him on house manners.

Sydney 1 1/2 yrs, 8lbs
Sydney is a Chiweeny! He loves people and other pets. Sydney will need help with training and needs a patient person who will give him lots of love!

Noodles (fka A4711574) -
Sprung from Downey Shelter on June 1, 2014, had a broken Paw and open wound on his Flank. This little 6yr old 8lb Pom is now all healed. Noodles is a playful fun dog who loves to be with people, go for walks and just hang out.

Kyle 5 yrs, 7lbs

Kyle is a great dog who is fun to take for walks and spend time with. We need a new picture and are working on it. Kyle walks on a leash and is crate trained. He at times has an accident or two with potty manners but we are still working on it with him. 

Look who got Sprung!!! It's Johnny (fka A1271148) from Riverside Animal Shelter. Johnny is getting looked over by our vets at Tustana Animal Hospital So far we know he needs a dental and neuter. We will post an update once we know more about him and his medical needs. A special thank you to all who have helped this little guy from network, to transport, to pledges for his medical, and then to the foster.
It certainly takes a team!
Interested? Submit your Adoption Form to socalpomrescue@coapc.com

Humphrey 5yrs, 5lbs
This handsome boy was surrendered by his family. He is a beautiful boy and gets along with other dogs. Humphrey was not socialized properly and will bite when afraid. We do not recommend this dog for families with children. If you are an experienced dog owner and would like a companion pet, he may be perfect you.

Enzo 7yrs, 7lbs
Enzo is a fun loving Pom. He does well on a leash and has wonderful house manners.

Dale 5yrs, 12 lbs
Dale was found with three other dogs running loose on the streets. He is on the side of being feral and needs a kind patient person to teach him the ropes in life. He has worked with several trainers and still remains a fearful dog.
If you have the ability to help this boy please contact us.

Chewy 7yrs, 6lbs
Chewy is a behavioral dog who bites. We are looking for an experienced dog owner who would like to help Chewy. We do not recomend this dog for children.

 Cassidy 6-7 yrs, 11lbs, (fka Butch A4672878, Carson Animal Shelter)
 VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SmrcRTFo_E
Cassidy is as sweet as they come and gets along with other dogs and cats.
Cassidy enjoys walks. 

Look who’s out and about and all better since his surgery! 

It’s Abbott Kenny!!

Abbott had several procedures done last Friday and has lots of healing to do. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. We will post more details on his surgery shortly but we wanted to give a quick update and say THANK YOU for all the support towards his care. 

His surgeries were a little over $3,000 and we have already received $2,200! A special Thank you to Ruth Silny, Lifeline 4 Paws, The Rescue Village, Pussy & Pooch, Dr. Raviv Balfour and our wonderful SCPR facebook family. We could not have helped him without you. If we all do a little a lot gets done!!

Meet Chipie! 

Chipie is a male Terrier mix. He came to us so scared all he would do is hide. With the loving expert care of his foster, he is now walking on a leash, potty trained and learning to love and trust again. He still is super shy and needs an experinced adopter.

Look who got sprung! It's Micro (fka A322287) from Sonoma County Animal Services. Micro is a young adult who weighs about 7lbs. A special thank you to the staff for holding on to this guy for a month while transport and paperwork was arranged. Micro was not doing well in their kennel and when the Sonoma Shelter reached out to us we couldn't resist. Update 12/16/15:

Micro, has problems with dominance and being aggressive. He's not a biter but he likes to growl and look scary. We would love to find a home for him with somebody who would want to work with him on these issues. He gets along with other dogs and he likes to go for walks and he's OK once he gets to know you. 

SHAUN: 3yrs, 14lbs
This cute boy is a Lakeland Terrier mix who walks well on leash, is potty trained, and gets along fine with other dogs. He came in with Shannon who can be found in our Girls photo album in the Photo section. They can be placed together or separate. INTERESTED in Shaun? Email your Adoption Application to socalpomrescue@coapc.com

SCPR Adoption/Foster Form:

ARCHIE - 5yrs, 18lbs. Born 6/6/2012.
Archie is a very sensitive dog. He is shy but not aggressive and wants to bond with somebody. This sweet boy likes to play and walks well on a leash. He would do well in a patient home where he can be adored as your only best friend. He is pee pad trained and will go outside if you let him.  VIDEO -- click here
Southern California Pomeranian Rescue
Starr 9-10 yrs Old 7-9lbs
Starr came to us from Baldwin Park Shelter. He is a very sweet boy who is blind and is missing a leg. He gets along very well despite these problems. Starr gets along with other dogs and is a very happy boy! 


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