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Last Updated 2/11/2018 at 1:00 PST 

Flynn (FKA Fluffy A1349621) is 4 yrs. and weighs 7lbs.
Flynn was surrendered to the shelter from his owner due to severe anemia and a low-grade heart murmur, which might have been associated with the anemia. The shelter reached out to us for help as his health was declining fast.

5/12/17 We rushed Flynn to the VCA in Riverside and they confirmed he was super anemic, and had a dangerously low red blood cell count and extremely high white blood cell count. They treated him with a blood transfusion, antibiotics and a steroid. This helped for a few days but he quickly went downhill.

We returned to the vet and Flynn’s blood cell counts were back to the original state. This meant his body was killing of the red blood cells quickly which was bad news for little Flynn. This behavior can be indicative of bone marrow cancer. We opted to do another transfusion, administer steroids and antibiotic shots before accepting that nothing more could be done.

UPDATE: Good news from the vet! Flynn's levels are almost in the normal range, so we are reducing his meds and eventually taking him off them. He needs a follow up blood check in about 2 weeks, but that might be it!

Flynn is very sweet and loving. He is great with other small dogs (has not been around big dogs that we know of), great with adults and babies (has not been around kids that we know of). He is still learning his potty manners, but is great indoors other than that. Because of his anemia he cannot be a super active dog- going on runs or long hikes- but he does like to run around the house a bit and play. He is very calm and mellow, almost never barks, and is just all around a sweet dog!

If you would like to donate to his $1,200.00 vet bill we are accepting donations. So far we have $600.00 covered!

Meet Snapple (male adult Pom )who was rescued from Santa Barbara County Animal Services

This guy had been "free roaming" after unkind humans reportedly "gave him away" and he kept returning to them. They say he is "free roaming" and does not belong to them anymore, nor do they care for him. He had been hanging around his former home, and sleeping in a field. Apparently, these unkind humans also have another dog, which was found tied up with shoestrings in the yard. Animals Services allowed them to keep the tied up dog, and took the Pom, deeming him "aggressive" due to him trying to bite when they attempted to catch him in the field with a "catch-pole." He was set for euthanasia due to this.

One of our Santa Barbara volunteers we work closely with, assessed him a couple of days ago at the pound, and he was scared. She sat in his kennel, and in just a few minutes he jumped into her lap and started licking her hand. Despite this dog being terribly neglected and scared to death, he responded kindly when given the chance.
Since he was set for euthanasia, She decided to pull him....

Snapple is doing well but will need a patient adopter who will take there time training him. 
 Last Updated 2/11/2018

Sydney 1 1/2 yrs, 8lbs
Sydney is a Chiweeny! He loves people and other pets. Sydney will need help with training and needs a patient person who will give him lots of love!

Dale 5yrs, 12 lbs
Dale was found with three other dogs running loose on the streets. He is on the side of being feral and needs a kind patient person to teach him the ropes in life. He has worked with several trainers and still remains a fearful dog.
If you have the ability to help this boy please contact us.
 Last Updated 2/11/2018 


Meet Chipie! 

Chipie is a male Terrier mix. He came to us so scared all he would do is hide. With the loving expert care of his foster, he is now walking on a leash, potty trained and learning to love and trust again. He still is super shy and needs an experinced adopter.

Look who got sprung! It's Micro (fka A322287) from Sonoma County Animal Services. Micro is a young adult who weighs about 7lbs. A special thank you to the staff for holding on to this guy for a month while transport and paperwork was arranged. Micro was not doing well in their kennel and when the Sonoma Shelter reached out to us we couldn't resist. Update 12/16/15:

Micro, has problems with dominance and being aggressive. He's not a biter but he likes to growl and look scary. We would love to find a home for him with somebody who would want to work with him on these issues. He gets along with other dogs and he likes to go for walks and he's OK once he gets to know you. 

SHAUN: 3yrs, 14lbs
This cute boy is a Lakeland Terrier mix who walks well on leash, is potty trained, and gets along fine with other dogs. 

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